Sunday, 5 July 2009

Lowering my standards doesn't reap good or even drinkable coffee

I was desperate yesterday after a harrowing three hours at the hairdresser. I now look like a mexican poodle. Imagine dark eyebrows and blonde blonde hair....disaster with pasty pale skin. I've decided I may not leave the house for a week at least. 

Anyway back to the was because of this that I needed the warmth and comfort of a cup of coffee. The only place other than the big star that looked like it served coffee was Costa, so I folded, thinking how bad can it be??? Mmmmmm, I should have rethought that sentence.

Think milky, bitter bean, cold milk and burnt coffee. The boy making it took five minutes to produce this muck. I hate to think what he could have done had he had more time...
(note: when I left I noted with a sigh of relief that he had been replaced)

Coffee: undrinkable (tesco value)
Vibe: reminded me of andepartment store restaurant that my mum used to take me to when I was a kid.

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