Monday, 20 July 2009

Sacred on Ganton Street

Sacred on Ganton st is not like any other, it has more in common with coffee shops in Australia than any I have visited in London. The bi-fold doors open onto the street with tables spilling onto the street outside, perfect for watching passerbys. Good luck getting one of those though, instead we took our coffees downstairs where we were met with comfortable couches, the heady smell of incense and a faux gold buddha. If it weren't for the quality of the coffee one might think they had been transported to Thailand. 

The coffee was well made, showcasing the skill of a trained barista. The bean was nutty and mild, it reminded me of Soya milk. Not something for the everyday, but more for the once in a while. The service friendly and prompt. This is definitely a place to catch up with a friend or bring your laptop and watch the Carnaby St crowd. 

The place: Sacred on Ganton Street

Vibe: funky, meets spiritual
Coffee: a treat kept for once a week

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