Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Princi on Wardour St

rinci is not somewhere to go if you don't like hustle and bustle and noise, at least not at lunch time which was when I went. It is filled with people vying for a seat trying to fit lunch into their hectic work day. The seats are bench style, with the a basin of running water along one of the walls, possibly intending to promote a tranquil, soothing background. While you are here it is worth checking out the gorgeous stone basin in the bathroom.

I had lemon chibosa, I'm not sure how to describe it, but like a lemon meringue only lighter. At £3.50 it is not something to have every day. My friend had a cheese and ham foccacia at £3.50 a more reasonable price.

The coffee: well made, although the bean had a bit of an after taste so I didn't order a second.

This is not somewhere to come for intimate conversation, but is definitely worth a takeaway coffee in the leisure of your home or office. Just don't forget the cake.

The place: Princi, 35 Wardour Street, Soho

Coffee: ✭✮✮✯
Vibe: Vibrant, buzzing and lively

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  1. ok, I have to admit - I am a caffeine addict. Most days drink at least 4 cups of lovely smooth, Columbian. In the office we have a great drink machine with the choice of numerous hot drinks. Enough to make even a hardy coffee drinker confused and adventurous! Having said that, most of my drink machine adventures are contained to different varieties of coffee from espresso to cappuccino, Kenyan to Italian roast, to hazelnut or mars flavoured etc...and sometimes the lovely chocciato!

    On occasions I drink white tea and other herbal infusions. On one of my adventureous days one of my colleagues suggested that I try the roiboos tea. I remembered reading about the wonderful properties the roiboos- without sounding like a hippy on a health kick, the red bush is rich in antioxidants, it is an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti allergenic and excellent for skin conditions..I thought to myself, 'no harm in trying, maybe I can even substitute the caffeine kick with this'.

    I selected tea and waited in anticipation……….When it came out all I could smell was this potent smell of what I can not even describe and to add to the appeal (not) it looked like rust. I took dutch courage and tasted it. I nearly spat it out.......yuck! It was like drinking a tennis clay court and trust me the taste lingers for a while! Another one of my colleagues then explained to me that the roiboos tea tastes better with a spash of milk and a dash of lemon.....gullible me.......I did as told.......that was even worse! Apparently another way of drinking it is as an iced tea with lemon slices, can't think of anything more un-refreshing! Safe to say my first attempt to enjoy roiboos tea will be my last one - no more experimenting by the drinks machine! Caffeine all the way going forward!
    Faithfully yours,
    Caffeine lover