Thursday, 23 July 2009

Monmouth Coffee Shop

After all the hype and reviews about this place about being one the best coffee shops in London, I wasn't sure that I was going to like it. Not because I am a coffee snob or one of those people who doesn't adhere to reviews, but because I become quite disappointed when the reviews do no match my expectations. However I was pleasantly surprised. I did like this cafe. It was rustic, bustling and warm with simple wooden tables. There was nothing overly complicated about this place.

We went at 5:50pm when they were due to close at 6:00pm. We wanted to sit in and have a coffee and although they let us know that they were closing soon they were more than happy to let us sit and savour our coffees.

The seating area was cosy, possibly a little cosy for some as we had to share a table with three others. It was quite warm and could have done with some ventilation.

That aside the coffee was made with exceptional skill, the milk silky and a lovely crema. The staff served the coffee with pride and cute little pictures. When I asked about the type of bean they had used I was told they had used a 'house blend', a Guatemalan, Brazilian and Colombian mix. I must admit that the blend was not too my liking, it had too much of an after taste, however I am told that you can choose the bean that you like and if you don't know what type of flavour each bean has then you can tell the barista that you want a mild or smooth or bitter bean. Whatever takes your fancy.

The only downside is that they only use full cream milk. Purists will always argue that this is the best type of milk for a coffee, but I strongly disagree.

Vibe: rustic and friendly
Coffee: well made , with love and care ✯✯✯✯

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